Dr. Mark Hayes - Veterinarian


Dr. Mark Hayes graduated from Auburn University Veterinary School in 1983, he knew from an early age that he wanted to become a veterinarian.

Pepper, a Pug puppy and new addition to the family, was diagnosed with Demodectic Mange and was taken to a vet in Chapel Hill by Dr. Hayes' mother from their home in Burlington, NC. Despite the efforts of the vets treating Pepper, there was no treatment for Demodectic Mange at that time and she could not be saved. The experience of visiting a veterinarian who was so trusted and respected and worked hard to save animal's lives and make them better left a lasting impression.

As a young man, Dr. Hayes decided he knew what he wanted to do when he grew up, plus he really felt a special connection with animals! Dr. Hayes has always loved surgery more than anything. He often jokes if he could stay in surgery all day, then he would! Whether it be a routine procedure or a complicated procedure to repair wounds or traumatic injury, he enjoys the ability to use surgery to make animals whole.

Dr. Hayes and his wife Rosemary have 3 dogs and one cat living at home. Their son Sammy is grown and now lives in Columbus, Ohio.